About the Publisher

«Komora» Publishing House was established in 2013. One of the co-founders is a Ukrainian-British «Komora» company, a leading provider of musical equipment on the Ukrainian market and funder of several cultural projects (including «Chervona Ruta» and «Rock-Existence» festivals, the «Telniuk Sisters» band, «SELMER-Paris in Ukraine» International clarinet & saxophone contest etc.).

The motto of the publishing house is «Only what remains». It reflects our policy and business strategy, which we bring to the book market: we publish high-quality printed books, meant for personal libraries and several generations of readers. After seven years of work, the catalogue of «Komora» includes over 70 books, and we may proudly state that none of them is mediocre! «Komora» is a reliable brand of a first-rate cultural product.

We specialize in Ukrainian and world fiction and non-fiction, both classical and contemporary. Our mission is to introduce Ukrainian audience to attention-worthy (and also not widely promoted) names, events and trends, thus contributing to the growth of national reading standards, bringing them to the level of the most literate countries. Our publishing portfolio is developed by «Komora» Supervising Committee, which invites leading consultants, theorists of literature, literary agents and translators from Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Canada, the USA and many others. Oksana Zabuzhko, a renowned writer and top-author of «Komora», whose books were translated in 20 countries, is the Head of the Supervising Committee.

Even the pickiest reader will find something interesting in our «komora» (UA word for a store house, get it?). We are actively working on projects, essential for a modern intellectual: the first unabridged edition of Lesya Ukrainka’s letters in 3 volumes, a translation of «Communism and the Dilemmas of National Liberation: National Communism in Soviet Ukraine, 1918–1933» by James E. Mace (a prominent monograph in Western politology), a fundamental research «Philosophical Thought of the Crimean Khanate» by M. Yakubovych and so on. Our best-selling authors are classics of the 20th century — Václav Havel, Svetlana Alexievich, V. Domontovych.

In our popular translated series we gathered a selection of Central European novels, a formerly unknown segment in Ukraine. «Komora» was the first to introduce such starring authors of Central and Eastern European literature as Ivo Brešan (Croatia), Goran Petrović (Serbia), Jacek Dehnel (Poland), Pavol Rankov (Slovakia), Slavenka Drakulić (Croatia). The quality of Ukrainian texts is achieved by the masters of translation: Alla Tatarenko, Andriy Bondar, Roksolana Sviato, Yurii Zub, Tetiana Okopna, Olena Feshovets and others.

Stay with «Komora», and we will help you satisfy your intellectual hunger and discover new worlds in art and literature, which are worthy of love.

«Кomora» Publishing House
19, Sverstiuka street
Kyiv, Ukraine